At Our Turn Social Media Network, Inc. (aka OTSMN), we are connecting all the social dots together and extending our invitation to you to join us.

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Our Company

Our Turn Social Media Network, Inc. (“OTSMN, Inc.”), has been in various incubation phases since it was founded in June, 2017. Our goal is to bring you an experience that’s fresh, slightly different and engaging.

Who We Are?

We are a small team entering of technologists entering the social media arena. We understand that some of the largest platforms have been at this for 17+ years tested and found to be true. But, like the “tree of liberty”, in order for mankind to be free, it takes a drastic move by one bold enough to challenge those whom have become comfortable in the roles and positions. OTSMN, is that challenger. We understand that this sounds bold and cocky, but that is not who we are. People thrive on what’s new and fresh, so either we will force these others to develop a fresh way, or make room for the “new kid”.

What We Do?

Our tasks

Our Approach

We offer our Users a “track-less” user experience. In essence, we will not sell/barter/trade your information and data. No facial recognition programs or games structured to capture and re-package your information.

Social Media's New Kid
Come on in, we are non-political.

We are a company that simply connects people, places and things.

Bringing people from all Around the World together as “Framily” (the combining of friends to form a new group, thus, FRAMILY).

Making new friends. (Click the link Below).

OTSMN Makes Social Interaction Happen.

And, so can you. A vast majority of people often struggle with making new friends, whether its out of shyness, fear of rejection, not fitting in. Please don’t let these keep you from connecting and interacting with others. One simple truth to always remember – “life isn’t easy for any of us, we cannot hide from our most basic need for human interactions”.


Stay connected with both family, friends (new and old friends).


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We currently, have over 400+ Online Merchants to shop from ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.


Buy and sell with ease online/in-person. (Please read our safety tips).

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Our Team

Our Team

James W.

Founder-CEO/Project Manager/Developer/UI/UX Designer/App Developer/Web Designer